Welcome to Sugar Bunny Bakery! I am Carmen Davis, a mother, wife and a healthy living enthusiast. I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado with my husband Matt and our daughters Genevieve and Magnolia. In 2004 I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and began my journey to better health. I had never heard of Celiac disease or gluten for that matter until I received my diagnosis. At the time, gluten-free products were very expensive and could only be found in health food stores. They were also terrible! I couldn't stomach another gummy or tasteless baked good so I started experimenting with my own recipes and developed a passion for gluten-free cooking and baking. A few years ago I was also diagnosed with egg and almond allergies which led me down the path of creating more vegan gluten-free recipes. I've found that by eliminating refined sugars, eggs, dairy and most nuts, I have greatly improved my overall health.  

I formed Sugar Bunny Bakery with two of my sisters, Lindsay and Arianne Rabbitt, in 2016. We sold gluten, egg and dairy free baked goods at a farmer's market in Denver. We also ventured into special orders, catering and baking mixes. It was a great experience but we realized that with other jobs and families, the food industry was not for us. I decided to focus on my energy on what I love the most which is recipe creation, cooking and baking. 

I am very passionate about sharing my recipes and experiences and I hope they inspire you to create a healthier, happier, allergy free life! 

xoxo Carmen