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Sweet Potato Muffins (gluten free, sugar free, vegan)

I'm always looking for cookie or muffin recipes that my girls will like and that are low in sugar and can be made gluten, dairy and egg free. I found this recipe several months ago and I modified it to fit our dietary restrictions. I've made the sweet potato muffins using brown rice flour and maple syrup per the original recipe and they are delicious. However, since I'm on a no sugar diet at the moment I decided to try them with stevia, buckwheat and quinoa flour which are approved on a Body Ecology diet. They turned out amazing! I also used chia seeds instead of my usual flax for an egg substitute and that worked well too. You can add a small amount of chocolate chips or leave them out. I'm waiting for my sugar free chocolate (sweetened only with monk fruit extract, no sugar alcohols) to arrive in the mail so I was a little bit naughty and used a tiny amount of Guittard dark chocolate chips. I think I got about 2 chocolate chips in my muffin so I don't feel too guilty. If you're not on a candida diet, these would be amazing with raisins too. My little ones love these muffins! They don't last very long in our house. 

Root Vegetable Shepherd's Pie (AIP, vegan optional, paleo, gluten free)

We've been having a cold snap in Denver this week (snow in May????) so I've gone back to making some warming food for dinner. I've been making a version of shepherds pie with sweet potato for a few years but I normally use orange sweet potatoes (labeled yams in the grocery store even though they aren't real yams) with cinnamon, cumin and nutmeg. It's a little bit middle eastern in flavor and delicious. This time I wanted to make a more traditional shepherds pie with white sweet potato instead. White sweet potato has a much milder taste than yams and can almost pass for a regular white potato. This shepherd pie can easily be made vegan by omitting the ground beef and it will be just as filling and hearty!