All in Sweet

Pumpkin Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies (paleo, gluten free, vegan optional, low sugar)

Fall is my favorite time of year for baking and these soft, pillowy, pumpkin cookies do not disappoint. They are sweetened mostly with stevia and have just enough molasses added to give them a really rich flavor. I used Guittard dark chocolate chips but if you want them to be sugar free you can use Lily's brand of stevia sweetened chocolate chips. (I was out of them or I would have used them too!) The pumpkin seeds add a nice crunch. The cookies can easily be made vegan by swapping the egg for a flax egg. 

Dark Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (gluten free, egg free, dairy free optional)

This Dark Chocolate Cake was another Sugar Bunny recipe that we made on several occasions for parties and the farmer's market. The cake is really moist and has just a hint of coffee and cinnamon. If you're not a fan of cinnamon you can easily leave it out and it's still a delicious chocolate cake. The coffee just makes the cake more chocolatey, you won't really taste it if you don't like coffee. I've made this recipe before with vanilla buttercream and chocolate ganache but I wanted cream cheese frosting this time. My daughter's contribution were the sprinkles on the cake. Birthdays are more fun with a 3 year old around! 

Pumpkin Apple Pancakes (paleo, AIP, vegan, gluten free)

I love pancakes! They are my weekend go-to brunch item. I have a delicious recipe for gluten free oatmeal pancakes but unfortunately, oats are not allowed on the AIP diet which I am trying out for awhile. I've been working on these grain free pumpkin pancakes for about a week to get the texture right. There are a million recipes for paleo pancakes out there but most use almond flour and eggs which I can't eat. These are held together with applesauce and collagen peptides. They have tons of pumpkin flavor and the center reminds me of pumpkin butter. They are really yummy with a dab of coconut oil or ghee and a drizzle of maple syrup. 

Butter Tart Energy Balls (paleo, vegan, AIP, SCD)

Butter tarts are one of my favorite treats that my grandmother makes when we go to British Columbia to visit. They are also my dad's favorite so there are always a lot of them! They are a traditional Canadian dessert with a flaky crust, luscious buttery filling and raisins. I wanted to recreate that gooey, rich treat without the gluten, eggs and dairy. Obviously, these little balls aren't the same as sinking your teeth into a piece of pie, but they fulfill the same craving for something sweet and rich and they have lots of health benefits!

Cashew Butter Bars (grain free, paleo, vegan)

These cashew butter bars are a cross between a bondie and a breakfast bar. They are really hearty and just sweet enough to taste like dessert. Of course, you can totally eat it for breakfast too! These were a favorite at the farmer's market last summer. We always sold out of them! They are really rich so a little goes a long way. You can substitute any nut butter you like. We also made a variation with butterscotch chips instead of dark chocolate and those were divine as well. 

Salted Butterscotch Cookies (gluten free, egg free)

I've always been a big fan of butterscotch. As a little girl one of my all time favorite treats was butterscotch pudding. My mom used to make it from scratch and served it with a dollop of whipped cream and it was luscious! So of course when I was developing recipes for the Sugar Bunny Bakery stand at the farmer's market I wanted to make a butterscotch cookie. I didn't realize that many butterscotch chips contain gluten so make sure you read the label. The Sugar Bunny Salted Butterscotch Cookies are a little bit crisp, very buttery and sprinkled with just a touch of sea salt. They were a favorite at the market and I think you will love them too! 

Carrot Cake with Candied Ginger (gluten free and vegan)

One of Sugar Bunny's best sellers at the farmer's market were our carrot cake muffins with candied ginger. We made them several times for parties and company events with cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with candied ginger and they were a big hit! I've always loved carrot cake with tidbits of walnuts, pineapple and coconut in every bite. The candied ginger adds an unexpected sweet, spicy kick! I recently made this carrot cake for Easter with a vegan date caramel frosting and it was delicious! (The same date filling I used in the Oatmeal Caramel Layer Bars!) The muffins are perfect for brunch and the cake version with either frosting is great for any occasion. 

Oatmeal "Caramel" Layer Bars (gluten free, refined sugar free)

For holidays my mom would often make 7 layer bars. They were my favorite treat out of all the holiday baked goods. I've made a few versions over the years but they usually included an almond flour crust which I can't have anymore due to my almond allergy. Although this version isn't grain free, it's gluten free and low in refined sugars (unless you really load up on toppings!). The date caramel sends it over the top. I could seriously eat the stuff with a spoon. I'm fantasizing about all the things I'm going to make with it...pecan pie, butter tarts (it's a Canadian thing), salted "caramel" frosting...yum!